Information for California elections is typically found on the California Secretary of State’s website.  Listed below are resources for finding local, statewide, and national election results and information on voter registration. 

Voter Registration

Information about upcoming elections and voter registration information is also included on the Secretary of State’s website at the URL listed above.  

To determine if you’re registered to vote:

  • Click here, then fill out voter profile and click on Next, OR:
  • Click on Voter Registration link (above), then Click Check Status of Your Voter Registration under Are You Already Registered to Vote?
  • Fill out the voter profile provided and click on Next. 
  • The voter profile also allows you to look up your polling place, download a sample ballot, check the status of your mail ballot, change your preferred language, and look up in which districts you’re eligible to vote.  If you’re not registered to vote, you will find a voter registration form that you can print and mail in the Check Status of Your Voter Registration section.

Citizens who are 16 or 17 years of age, but will be 18 by election day can pre-register. Click here to pre-register.

If you have a conviction history, click here to check your eligibility.

If you need help finding your polling place, click here.

Non-Partisan Voting Guides

California Secretary of State: Statewide Election Results

The statement of vote from 1990-present, which includes voter registration and participation statistics by county, is located on the Secretary of State’s website.  To locate the Statement of Vote, click on the election you want to view, then click on Elections Results. 

U.S. Electoral College: Historical Election Result

This site, maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), explains how the Electoral College works and provides historical Electoral College election results from 1789-present. 

Much useful information, including an Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections, polls and predictions, and information on election process and voting, is located in the U.S. Election & Voting Resources section, which you can enter by clicking on the link on the left side of the page.  Within this section you will also find Presidential Elections in the United States: A Primer, a publication from the Congressional Research Service, which explains the presidential election process.  You will find this publication by clicking on Election Process and Voting (within the U.S. Election & Voting Resources section).

Federal Election Commission

This site makes available information on campaign finance for presidential and house and senate elections. 

To find contributor names:

  • Click on Campaign Finance Data dropdown menu, then click on Raising. 
  • Click on Individual Contributions.
  • Enter the candidate’s name in the Recipient Name or ID search box.
  • Choose the Transaction Time Period you want to search. 
  • You can limit your search by City, State, Zip Code, Occupation, and Contribution amount. Voting and Elections links to various sites with voting information such as which helps you find your polling place, the United States Election Commission, which provides information on becoming a poll worker, and Votizen, which allows you to tweet messages to representatives.