Oakland Public Library Announces New Monday Hours at Four Branches

Release Date

Tue, 07/16/2013

Oakland, CA – In order to increase the public’s access to neighborhood library branches, Oakland Public Library will be implementing a schedule change at four of the library’s 16 branch locations.  Effective Monday, September 16, 2013, the Brookfield, Eastmont, Golden Gate, and Piedmont Avenue branch libraries will be open Monday through Friday. All other branches will keep their current Tuesday through Saturday schedules and the Main Library will continue to be open seven days a week. 

The four branches that are shifting to a Monday through Friday schedule will be open on Monday evenings, instead of their current Tuesday evenings, with the following Monday hours:

•  Brookfield and Eastmont branches: 11:30 am – 7 pm
•  Golden Gate and Piedmont Avenue branches: 12:30 pm – 8 pm

All Tuesday-Saturday branches will continue to be open on Tuesday evenings, and the Main Library will continue to be open on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

To view current branch schedules, visit the library’s website at:  http://oaklandlibrary.org/using-library/locations-hours.

Interim Library Director Gerry Garzón explains, “The upcoming schedule change is good news, as the library will be able to bring Monday hours to more areas of Oakland. This change also adds an additional day of the week with open evening hours for further access, and allows more time for services to children during the school week. We will assess the public response to the new schedules in six to nine months and expect to see that the public is better served with more library access throughout the city.”

Prior to the recession, all Oakland Public Library branches were open six days a week. In 2009, service hours at branches were reduced to five days a week.  At that time the library implemented a uniform Tuesday through Saturday schedule for branches, leaving the Main Library as the only location open on Monday.

For additional information please contact Sharon McKellar, Community Relations Librarian, at 510-238-3513 or visit www.oaklandlibrary.org.

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