"Hearing Homer's Song: the brief life and big idea of Milman Parry"

Robert Kanigel author at Oakland Public Library

How did an Oakland druggist's son revolutionize the way we read the classics of Greek literature? In his new book, "Hearing Homer's Song: the brief life and big idea of Milman Parry," author Robert Kanigel tells the amazing story of how Parry, in the 1930s, so revolutionized how we read Homer's "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" that today's classics scholars refer to a time "before Parry" and an "after Parry." In this literary detective story, Kanigel traces Parry's scholarly endeavors from UC Berkeley to Harvard to Paris to Yugoslavia.

Mr. Kanigel's previous works include "The Man who Knew Infinity: a life of the genius Ramanujan" and "Eyes on the Street: the life of Jane Jacobs."

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Copies of "Hearing Homer's Song" are currently stocked at Walden Pond Books at 3316 Grand Ave., Oakland CA (510-832-4438).

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