Break Free: Combat Stress, Anxiety, & Pain with Holly Jackson

Person with stress

Did you know that over 76 million adults in the US suffer from ongoing chronic pain? Furthermore, did you know that 18% of US adults suffer from an anxiety disorder? These are daunting statistics but there is hope.


This 1.5 hour workshop will uncover the impacts of stress, anxiety, and pain on your body and life. Becoming aware is the first step to transformational change and taking back control of your life.


If you are tired of experiencing pain and stress and are ready to take charge of your life in a new way, then this is for you. Holly will share easy, practical, on the go tips and tools to help you reclaim and reinvigorate your life.

In this workshop, you will uncover:

* The impact of stress, anxiety, and pain on your body

* Strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, and pain

* Quick, easy, practical tools you can use anywhere, anytime


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