Libros sobre LGBTQI2-S

Escoja libros disponibles en la Biblioteca Pública de Oakland sobre LGBTQI2-S para adultos y niños.

En nuestro nuevo blog en español, queremos representar todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad. Vamos a empezar con la comunidad LGTQI2-S.   Aquí están unos libros que se pueden reservar y recoger en una de las quince bibliotecas que ahora ofrecen Servicio de Entrega en la Acera.

También tenemos otros títulos LGBTQI2-S disponibles. Si está buscando algo diferente o quieres agregar a esta lista, no olvide nuestro servicio Book Me. Simplemente complete un formulario y crearemos una lista de libros adaptada a sus intereses.

¡Feliz lectura y feliz orgullo!

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Mindfulness for Kids and Families

Resources for kids and families to learn more about and practice mindfulness.

Got stress? Feeling overwhelmed? We have resources to help you learn and practice mindfulness skills that can support your family's mental and emotional wellness during these extremely challenging times!

Mindfulness is a science-backed practice that trains the mind, body, and heart to be in the present moment with specific mindful skills. Research shows the benefits of mindfulness include~

  • Reduced stress

  • Decreased anxiety and depression

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Improved attention and memory

  • Better sleep

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Improved blood pressure and cardiovascular health

  • Much more!

Last month, Oakland Public Library partnered with JG Larochette from the  Mindful Life Project to present a great series of online Mindfulness For Families programs. Recordings of these sessions are available for you to view~

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Reasons To Read Non-Fiction: Birdscaping Your World

A selection of books on the joy of birding and how to attract birds (and bees and butterflies) to your outdoor space.

closeup of hummingbird at feeder




This week’s Advice for Readers Blog Post collects a variety of books on the subject of birds and birdscaping, my personal favorite self-care activity of 2020. Birdscaping is a term that refers to the practice of turning your yard (or patio, or balcony, or window ledge) into a safe and habitable space for our feathered friends and, in turn, a sanctuary for yourself. What I have also learned is that the term does not refer to the practice of catching birds and artfully shaving them, which, believe me, the birds DO NOT LIKE! (

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in December 2020

If you're wondering what to read next, here are ten excellent novels coming out in December.

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Play Winter Bingo Through February 28!

Collect a Winter Bingo Card at sidewalk pick up, download from this page or sign up on Beanstack. Kids who do five activities in a row can win a FREE BOOK. Prize books will be available when Alameda County lifts the most recent stay at home order.

Winter Bingo Prize Book Pick-up available February 1-28 at all Sidewalk Service locations!

Winter Bingo is a fun family literacy game recommended for kids ages 0-12.  To play Winter Bingo, visit your local sidewalk pick up location to collect a Winter Bingo card  (downloads are available below) or register on Beanstack. 

Complete any 5 activities in a row and win a FREE Book!

Watch this video created by Children's Librarian, Patí Moran, to learn more about these fun activities.

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¡Bienvenidos a todos al nuevo blog En español de La Biblioteca Pública de Oakland!

Creamos este espacio para compartir información a cerca de los eventos, programas y recursos de La Biblioteca.

Creamos este espacio para compartir información a cerca de los eventos, programas y recursos de La Biblioteca. También publicaremos sugerencias de libros, u otros recursos y articulos sobre la cultura, comunidad y mucho más. 

Estamos ofreciendo servicio limitado en frente de 15 de nuestras bibliotecas, puedes recoger los materiales que tienes reservado o pedir libros en persona. Para información a cerca de nuestras bibliotecas y horarios, mira aquí.

Si tienes una tarjeta, accede a tu cuenta y reserva materiales en nuestro catálogo en línea. Ve este tutorial para aprender a reservar materiales en línea.

Si no tienes tarjeta, puedes solicitar una

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What’s New: 2020 Graphic Novels for Children

Lots of great new graphic novels have come out in 2020! Here are some librarian favorites that will especially appeal to fans of Raina Telgemeier.

smile soverIt’s hard to imagine, but about seven years ago when parents and kids would ask me for graphic novels similar to Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, there wasn’t a lot to choose from. Sure, there were lots of superhero comics, manga series, and Sunday funnies classics like Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes, but Telgemeier was one of the first to realize how much kids would like seeing themselves reflected in contemporary fiction graphic novels. Thankfully, she wasn’t the last!

Today our graphic novel shelves are filled with all sorts of genres from horror to humor—but contemporary fiction still tops the list as one of the most popular! Because you can’t come in to browse our shelves right now to see what’s new, I’m highlighting some good ones that have

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New Books Featuring Oakland and Oakland Authors

Check out these new books by Oakland authors.

This week we're highlighting some of the new books in our collection that feature Oakland and/or were written by Oakland authors. The books below were all written in the past few years. Any of these books can be placed on hold and picked up at our sidewalk pick up locations.

Happy reading!

Fiction and Poetry

Black Joy

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Recent Cookbooks & A List Of Great Food Films

Here's a selection of recent cookbooks from 2019 and 2020 about food from various countries, paired with a list of fantastic food-filled films.

In this week’s Advice for Readers blog, OPL offers to take you on a culinary journey of food and film. We, here at the Non-Fiction satellite office, have put together a couple of lists designed to transport you to exciting culinary locales, while allowing you to remain in the safety and comfort of your own living space. First, a selection of recent cookbooks that are more than just recipes, they are windows into cultures and traditions from around the world. In many cases, these books are just as much travelogue as cookbook, comprised of family stories and stunning photography of foods and locations. As an added bonus, our staff has compiled a list of great films about food to pair with your gastronomic selections, all available with your OPL library card on

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in November 2020

The temperatures are dropping--it's time to cozy up with a good book! Here are 10 hot works of fiction coming this month to keep you warm.

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