What's New in Nonfiction: January Releases

New year, new books!

As we welcome the new year we also welcome new books. Here are some of the new nonfiction offerings for January.

Happy reading!

The Devil You Know White Feminism

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Oakland Main Library turns 70!

The Main Library marks its 70th birthday on January 7.

Seventy years ago, on January 7, 1951, Oaklanders gathered shoulder to shoulder on 14th Street in numbers that made traffic impassable to be the first ones to visit a new, modern library. The previous Main Library, the handsome Carnegie building located on 14th and Grove (now Martin Luther King, Jr. Way), was nearly 50 years old and too small to accommodate the population which had exploded during the Second World War. After years of citizens campaigning for a larger library, a bond measure was passed in 1945 to finance the new library.

The new central library was to be located on a key block of the planned Civic Center, a municipal district that clustered government agencies and cultural organizations around the western end of Lake Merritt. To make way for the project, several houses and an old music conservatory had to be torn down. Designed by the firm of  Miller and Warnecke, the library construction didn’t begin until 1948. The cornerstone was laid by the Native Sons of the Golden West in May 1949. The firm of Stolte, Inc. won the construction

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Libros ilustrados del 2020: 10 favoritos

10 de nuestros libros ilustrados favoritos que fueron publicados en 2020


Los libros ilustrados nos invitan al mundo de la lectura y se pueden disfrutar a cualquier edad. Después de los libros de cartón para bebés, los libros ilustrados abarcan conceptos como los números y el abecedario, etapas del desarrollo, cuentos y biografías. Pueden leer el texto o pueden crear su propia historia usando las imágenes y describiendo lo que ven en las ilustraciones. 

La siguiente lista incluye 10 libros favoritos que fueron publicados en 2020. Sus personajes enfrentan retos como vencer el miedo y aprender a nadar, ser resilientes ante momentos difíciles como la mudanza o la muerte, y maneras en que podemos mejorar nuestros hogares y ayudarnos en comunidad. 

Pueden reservar estos libros en línea, o llamar al 510.238.3134, y

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What's New: Book Suggestions from Your Children’s Librarians

OPL Children's Librarians share some of their favorite books published in 2020.

Miss chatting with your local children’s librarians about their favorite books new to OPL?

Never fear, we’ve collected some of their recommendations below.

Celia from the Temescal Branch Library recommends In a Jarwritten by Deborah Marcero.

Published just before the pandemic separated friends and

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Reasons To Read Non-Fiction: Science!

A collection fo some of the best reviewed books on science from 2020.

When I made my 2020 New Year’s resolution to quit believing in science, I had no idea it would turn out like this. What a mistake! Personally, I blame my neighbor, a wizard by trade (see: Wizards & spells : a young adventurer's guide), who assured me that the stars were perfectly aligned (see: The sky atlas : the greatest maps, myths, and discoveries of the universe) for my alchemy business to take off. Now I’m stuck with crates of philosopher’s stones,

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Libros para familias de celebrarciones en diciembre

Abajo se encuentra una lista de libros recomendados en español para pequeños sobre las tradiciones de las fiestas populares que se celebran durante diciembre.

El mes de diciembre está lleno de mucha celebración.  La biblioteca tiene libros en inglésespañol, y libros bilingües sobre muchas de

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Keep Warm With A Good YA Book

Our List of Feel-Good Realistic Fiction and Fantasy For Teens!

Is the cold weather and pandemic restrictions dampening your mood? Keep warm with a good book by checking out some of our YA picks of the year. Indulge in some light-hearted comedy and drama or escape to fantastical worlds. Wishing you and yours’ health and safety this holiday season.

Happy winter reading from your library staff members in Teen Services!




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Our Favorite Books of 2020

OPL staff look back on their favorite books of 2020 for children, teens and adults.

Some of us have found books to be a balm during these strange and difficult times. Some of us have struggled to read as much as we'd like to this year (I know I did!). I asked my colleagues to reflect on their favorite books from the last twelve months. Here are the books from 2020 they would love to share with you.

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YA Holiday Baking Reads

Indulge your inner baker with these YA holiday baking reads!

It’s the holiday season! Indulge your sweet tooth and live out your aspiring baker-dreams by checking out these cookbooks for teens. From decadent cookies, cakes and other delicious treats— this holiday season is sure to be sweet. Happy Holidays from Teen Services!


Kawaii Sweet World: 75 Cute, Colorful Confections

Youtube star Rachel Fong brings the Kawaii “cute” trend to the baking world in this collection of 75 easy-to follow recipes. Fong covers basic baking techniques alongside some advanced methods so this book is sure to have something for bakers of all levels. Cute recipes include narwhal cake pops and little pig cream

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DIY Projects

Crafts and projects for long winter nights.

Looking for more creative projects? Oakland Public Library has plenty of DIY books to help you channel your creative energy. From sewing to paper crafts to making your own snacks or drinks -- we have books for a range of interests!

Sewing Projects

Easy Masks   Visible Mending 

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