Taking a Fictional Break from the Here and Now

Would you like to visit another time and place? Try one of these excellent recent works of Historical Fiction.

Have you found your reading habits changed during the pandemic? Early on, I just couldn’t read much at all. Lately I’ve found myself enjoying historical fiction--even though it’s not usually my first pick from the bookshelfVisits to other times and places have offered me respite from our challenging here and now. Here are a few that I’ve especially enjoyed: 

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Rockridge TAB Posts: Max Barry’s Highly Anticipated Science Fiction Novel

Yacine Seck, a member of the Rockridge Branch Teen Advisory Board, reviews Providence by Max Barry. A science fiction book for the ages!

A science fiction book for the ages!

Review by Yacine Seck, written Jan. 21st 2021

Book: Providence
Genre: Science-Fiction
Author: Max Barry
Rating: 8/10

This book is probably my favorite book of 2020.

It is about a group of astronauts going into space on an AI controlled ship. It’s set very far in the future, where most people live on stations outside of Earth. There was not a lot of background information given, but the story is well thought out and the plot is interesting. The astronauts have a mix of social issues as

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Una nueva primavera ha llegado

La Biblioteca Pública de Oakland tiene libros y servicios para acompañarte a disfrutar el comienzo de una nueva primavera.

¿Alguna vez pausaste tu andar para observar el cielo, los arboles, y los cambios en sus colores y formas? 

¿O atrapó tu atención un cielo claro abrazando tu vecindario? 

¿No son hermosos esos momentos en los que el tiempo se detiene para

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It's Time for Spring Planting!

Gardening books to help with spring planting.

It's almost spring and for some, that means spring planting. Maybe you've never had a garden but you're thinking now is the time to start one. Whether you're an experienced or novice gardener, Oakland Public Library has plenty of books to help your garden grow. Clicking the cover image or the title will take you directly to our online catalog where you can place a hold with your library card and PIN.

Vegetable and Kitchen Gardens

 The Kitchen Garden

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10 Reasons to Read Non-Fiction: Books On Women's History

March is Women's History Month, so we've put together selection of recently published books celebrating and honoring women.

March is Women's History Month, and this week's Advice For Readers blog gathers together ten books published in the last year that highlight some incredible individual women, as well as the social movements and legacies they helped create. Celebrate women's history by checking out these fascinating stories, from the Jewish women of 19th century New York, whose stories are told in the objects and culture they left behind, to the story of the first Chicana librarian, Elizabeth Martinez. From the struggle for Women's Suffrage, to the fight against fascism in WWII, to the struggle for civil rights here in the U.S., these books about some of history's true heroines will inspire and uplift.   

Click on the links below to visit the item’s page in OPL’s catalog. There you can check on the item’s availability, place holds, and access our online materials. For information about our sidewalk pickup service, go 

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Introducing : The Rockridge Teen Advisory Board

Meet some of the teens behind the scenes who help out at the library.

Hi, we’re the Rockridge Teen Advisory Board! We'll be using this blog to write book reviews and other library event information. Check out our other content on the Oakland Public Library Teen Instagram page! Learn more about each of us below:

My name is Ellena Ancheta and I’m the Volunteer Coordinator at TAB. I am passionate about helping our community and encouraging more leadership in students. I see myself as a creative artist and I’m always looking for a new challenge. My hobbies include drawing, playing violin and piano, and dancing. And lately, I’ve been reading more and catching up on some me time. I look forward to working in the Rockridge Library and helping folks around here! :D


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Make Your Own Magic

Spring celebrations bring a little magic. OPL will be hosting Magic Nathaniel at 10:30am on Saturday, March 20, the first day of Spring.

During the month of March we celebrate women’s history, Pi Day Saint Patrick,

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Llévese un kit de computadora portátil (Chromebook) con internet a casa

Información acerca de los Chromebook kits, computadoras portátiles con internet, disponibles para prestarse en varias bibliotecas de Oakland.



¿Necesita una computadora para la escuela, aplicaciones de trabajo, proyectos, para conectarse a internet con la familia?

¡Ya ofrecemos préstamo de computadoras portátiles (Chromebooks) en varias bibliotecas de Oakland! Puede llevarse prestado un kit de Chromebook con un punto de acceso wifi (hotspot) por una semana, ¡gratis!

Recomendamos llamar a su biblioteca más cercana para asegurarse de que haya kits disponible. Puede reservar un kit por teléfono el mismo día que lo vaya a recoger. Este servicio está disponible en las siguientes bibliotecas de Oakland:

  • 81

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The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity

The African American Museum and Library at Oakland spotlights the archives of the Williams' Family as Black History Month 2021: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity comes to a close.

Henry Delton Williams: Motown and Hollywood Designer to the Stars

By Marco Frazier, Library Assistant African American Museum and Library at Oakland

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History has designated the theme for Black History Month 2021 as The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. The African American Museum and Library at Oakland has more than 160 collections documenting the histories of pioneering African American families in Oakland. AAMLO also has oral recorded histories that document the lives of both prominent and everyday families exploring the lives of history makers in Oakland. One such story that comes to you from the AAMLO archives is that of legendary Motown designer to the stars, Henry Delton Williams. Here is his life’s story.

Photo: Anne Williams and Henry Delton Williams 1950

The Williams’ family migrated to California

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in March 2021

March is springing with great new fiction! Here are ten novels and story collections arriving this month.

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