Recursos Digitales en Español para Estudiantes en Oakland

La Biblioteca Pública de Oakland tiene varios recursos en español para estudiantes de Oakland en primaria, secundaria y preparatoria.

Con su tarjeta de la biblioteca pueden usar los siguientes gratuitamente: 


Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (World Book)

Este recurso tiene cientos de art

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in January 2021

What better way to start the new year than with a list of new books coming in January? Here's our monthly list of great fiction titles arriving soon.


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Activism Books For Teens

In honor of a commemorative week of social and political events, check out these activism books for teens!

Over the summer, millions of people marched and protested in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Among various social justice and activist groups, youth have been at the forefront of these efforts to march against systematic racism and inequality. Many Bay Area youth groups led and organized these protests themselves and  expressed their voices on various media channels and publications, as well as on the streets

Martin Luther King Jr Day, the presidential inauguration and the Women’s March mark a week of change and hope for a progressive new chapter. You might have

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2021 King Day Celebrations

Recommendations for MLK Day virtual celebrations

Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., born January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, GA. 

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您知道Kono for Libraries這個電子雜誌平台嗎?



雖然我暫時無法讓您到圖書館感受那份歲月靜好的時光,但可以讓您到屋崙圖書館為您準備的網上資源Kono for Libraries (link “Kono for Libraries to上翻閱電子雜誌。以前要隔三岔五地到圖書館或書局借閱或購買從中港臺日來的雜誌。現在網絡發達,您已經可以在家輕鬆看雜誌了。

Kono for Libraries是屋崙圖書館訂購的網上電子平台,能讓您免費翻閱最新最快的吃喝玩樂,人文時尚等多種類別的亞洲雜誌。您只要有屋崙圖書證就能在電腦瀏覽器或智能手機及平板電腦上輕鬆翻閱您喜歡的熱門雜誌。不喜歡吃喝玩樂,人文時尚?Kono for Libraries上也有關於新聞,科技,旅遊,生活,藝術,競技及學英語類的雜誌,一定有一款能滿足您的需求。

如果您需要支援,辦圖書證或其他方面的查詢,請發郵件到 或致電留言到510-238-3134。我們的職員將會盡快回覆您。

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What's New in Nonfiction: January Releases

New year, new books!

As we welcome the new year we also welcome new books. Here are some of the new nonfiction offerings for January.

Happy reading!

The Devil You Know White Feminism

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Oakland Main Library turns 70!

The Main Library marks its 70th birthday on January 7.

Seventy years ago, on January 7, 1951, Oaklanders gathered shoulder to shoulder on 14th Street in numbers that made traffic impassable to be the first ones to visit a new, modern library. The previous Main Library, the handsome Carnegie building located on 14th and Grove (now Martin Luther King, Jr. Way), was nearly 50 years old and too small to accommodate the population which had exploded during the Second World War. After years of citizens campaigning for a larger library, a bond measure was passed in 1945 to finance the new library.

The new central library was to be located on a key block of the planned Civic Center, a municipal district that clustered government agencies and cultural organizations around the western end of Lake Merritt. To make way for the project, several houses and an old music conservatory had to be torn down. Designed by the firm of  Miller and Warnecke, the library construction didn’t begin until 1948. The cornerstone was laid by the Native Sons of the Golden West in May 1949. The firm of Stolte, Inc. won the construction

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Libros ilustrados del 2020: 10 favoritos

10 de nuestros libros ilustrados favoritos que fueron publicados en 2020


Los libros ilustrados nos invitan al mundo de la lectura y se pueden disfrutar a cualquier edad. Después de los libros de cartón para bebés, los libros ilustrados abarcan conceptos como los números y el abecedario, etapas del desarrollo, cuentos y biografías. Pueden leer el texto o pueden crear su propia historia usando las imágenes y describiendo lo que ven en las ilustraciones. 

La siguiente lista incluye 10 libros favoritos que fueron publicados en 2020. Sus personajes enfrentan retos como vencer el miedo y aprender a nadar, ser resilientes ante momentos difíciles como la mudanza o la muerte, y maneras en que podemos mejorar nuestros hogares y ayudarnos en comunidad. 

Pueden reservar estos libros en línea, o llamar al 510.238.3134, y

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What's New: Book Suggestions from Your Children’s Librarians

OPL Children's Librarians share some of their favorite books published in 2020.

Miss chatting with your local children’s librarians about their favorite books new to OPL?

Never fear, we’ve collected some of their recommendations below.

Celia from the Temescal Branch Library recommends In a Jarwritten by Deborah Marcero.

Published just before the pandemic separated friends and

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Reasons To Read Non-Fiction: Science!

A collection fo some of the best reviewed books on science from 2020.

When I made my 2020 New Year’s resolution to quit believing in science, I had no idea it would turn out like this. What a mistake! Personally, I blame my neighbor, a wizard by trade (see: Wizards & spells : a young adventurer's guide), who assured me that the stars were perfectly aligned (see: The sky atlas : the greatest maps, myths, and discoveries of the universe) for my alchemy business to take off. Now I’m stuck with crates of philosopher’s stones,

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