It's National Library Week!

Find some great books to read this National Library Week when library staff members recommend some of their favorites.

It's National Library Week! 

You may have been by your local library recently and discovered already our beautiful booklet full of staff reading recommendations for readers of all ages!  If you haven't, you should.   Throughout this week, I'll give you a little teaser of some of the reviews you'll find in the booklet.   Today's titles can all be found in the adult section at the library.  I'll post some great children and teen titles later this week!

A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar by Suzanne Joinson 

The book swings between two different time periods and then connects them skillfully at the end.  It is exotic and a great read!  Part of it occurs in 1923, with two sisters who are British missionaries traveling to Kashgar, the other part is set in contemporary London.  This is the author's debut novel.  
-Lynne, Branch Manager, Montclair Branch

Interesting & haunting.  Well written & stays with you long afterward.
-Gale Bauman, Library Assistant, Temescal Branch


Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation by Elly Blue

Everyday Bicycling is a comprehensive guide to using a bicycle to get around.  An accessible, fast read, the author introduces you to how to bike to work, haul groceries and children, and ride in all sorts of weather confitions.  It's filled with basic, practical tips and tricks and the stories from others who bike daily will inspire you to ride.  What I found most useful was that the book includes an entire chapter dedicated to family cycling and transporting kids by bike, with testimonies of several parents, each with various family needs and bicycling set-ups.  Blue writes with such enthusaism and passion for biking, and it's infectious.  The book is a wealth of information and will help kick anyone's car habit, or help seasoned cyclists advocate and build community around bikes and biking.  
-Mana Tominaga, Librarian, Main Library

Check out these two titles!  Stop by any OPL Branch to see more than 100 other reviews!  And check back here Wednesday for some more sneak peeks.  


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