Día de la Tierra 2021

Celebra el Día de la Tierra con nosotros usando semillas y recomendaciones de tú biblioteca.

El Día de la Tierra 2021 es el 22 de abril y nos gustaría celebrar contigo y compartir unas recomendaciones de libros de nuestra colección.

Además, ¿sabías que hay bibliotecas que ofrecen paquetes gratuitos de semillas para que puedas comenzar tu propio huerto o jardín de flores? Las puedes encontrar en las siguientes bibliotecas:

  • César Chávez
  • Dimond
  • 81st Ave
  • Melrose


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The Moms of Magnolia Street

The Oakland History Center and AAMLO feature in the new NBC Bay Area investigative series "The Moms of Magnolia Street".

The Oakland History Center (OHC) and the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO) are proud to be featured in a new digital-first four-part investigative series from the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit. Available at NBCBayArea.com and on the NBC Bay Area app on Roku and Apple TV.

About this digital-first investigative documentary from NBC Bay Area:

"Against the backdrop of California’s affordability crisis, pushing thousands of Black residents out of their homes and onto the streets, a group of unhoused working mothers in Oakland took matters into their own hands.

In November 2019, the mothers formed a group called Moms 4 Housing and illegally occupied a vacant, corporate-owned home on Magnolia Street in West Oakland. Standing on the shoulders of generations

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Rockridge TAB Posts: The Book that Really Makes you Think!

Ellena Ancheta, member of the Rockridge Teen Advisory Board reviews Oliver Sacks' "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales."

Oliver Sacks’ astonishing The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales.

Review by Ellena Ancheta, written March 27, 2021.

Book: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales
Genre: Case History, non-fiction
Author: Oliver Sacks
Rating: 8/10

Oliver Sacks’ The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat describes numerous cases from former clients with neurological disorders and shares his learnings he gained from

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It's National Poetry Month!

A collection of new poetry books for National Poetry Month.

April is National Poetry Month and Oakland Public Library has many new poetry books in our collection to help you celebrate. Some of the poets featured below may be familiar to you and others may be new. Some are available in print format and others are e-books that you can access through our catalog. Enjoy diving into these poet's words!

We want it all

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Early Literacy Storytime Fridays @ 10:30am - April 2021

Join us in April as we celebrate early literacy and El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day on April 30th) Click READ MORE to find links to booklists for Kids Yoga Day, National Poetry Month and National Library Week.

Every April NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) celebrates the Week of the Young Child. This month OPL will celebrate MONTH of the young child with LIVE storytime Fridays at 10:30am.   

Each week will focus on an early literacy skill. 

RSVP on Eventbrite to join the ZOOM ROOM

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想在家享受線上電影嗎? 別忘了用您的屋崙圖書館的圖書證加入Kanopy的帳號!您的屋崙圖書館帳號可以讓您每個月看五部免費電影。Kanopy的目錄特別豐富廣闊,有各種類型的電影,紀錄片,科教片,兒童電影,全球語言的電影也有,包括各種亞洲語言。我們來介紹一些Kanopy最基本的使用方法給大家看 。

想在家享受線上電影嗎? 別忘了用您的屋崙圖書館的圖書證加入Kanopy的帳號!您的屋崙圖書館帳號可以讓您每個月免費看五部電影。Kanopy的目錄特別豐富廣闊,有各種類型的電影,紀錄片,科教片,兒童電影,全球語言的電影也有,包括各種亞洲語言。我們來介紹一些Kanopy最基本的使用方法給大家看 。

Kanopy Startup Guide in Chinese


1. 登記

先至oaklandlibrary.kanopy.com進入屋崙圖書館的Kanopy首頁。如果您已經有帳號,按右上邊的LOG IN鍵登入。如果還沒有帳號,點下面紅色的ADD LIBRARY CARD鍵。

下一步就輸入您的 圖書證號碼  密碼. 如果您忘記了您的圖書證密碼,可以打電話給圖書館員幫您重新設定。致電510-238-3134, 週一至六10點至3點有會說中文的職員接聽。最後,填上名字,姓名,電件地址,和設定Kanopy網站的密碼。你會立刻收到Kanopy帳號的確認電子郵件 ,點進電子郵件的VERIFY E-MAIL鍵就好了!

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Remembering César Chávez 

Books, DVDs and electronic resources on the life and work of César Chávez created by OPL librarian Dorothy Lazard.

March 31st is César Chávez Day. In honor of the civil rights and labor movement activist (1927-1993), this week's Oakland Grown post features books, DVDs and e-books, highlighting his life and work.

From the Jaws of Victory Strike!

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Reasons to Read Nonfiction: Laughter (is the Seventh Best Medicine)

April is National Humor Month, so this week we are highlighting hilarious humor books from the past year.

April is, among many other things, National Humor Month, so this week's Advice for Readers blog offers up a selection of great humor books from the past year. According to humormonth.com, National Humor Month was started in 1976, "as a means to heighten public awareness of the therapeutic value of humor. Laughter and joy - the benchmarks of humor - lead to improved well-being, boosted morale, increased communication skills, and an enriched quality of life." Everyone has heard that laughter is the best medicine, and nobody enjoys a good laugh more than I do, but I'm here to say that, in light of recent events, actual medicine is the best medicine, followed by nutrition, exercise, therapy, magic elixers, and rest. Then comes laughter, tied for seventh with having a good cry. Maybe that's why many of the books in this week's list succeed in finding the humor in difficult subjects and make us laugh through our tears. From using humor to create better communication and morale in the workplace, to the funny side of cheese, we hope you find something

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Supporting the Asian and Asian/Pacific-Islander American Community

OPL stands against racism, xenophobia, bigotry and violence against the Asian and Asian/Pacific-Islander American community.

The Oakland Public Library stands against racismxenophobia, bigotry and violence against the Asian and Asian/Pacific-Islander American community.   

There is a long history of racism against Asians and Asian/Pacific-Islander Americans in the United States, and in the last year alone there were nearly 3,800 reported hate incidents, according to Stop AAPI Hate.   

In Oakland, numerous community organizations have mobilized in response to recent 

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Defy, Fly, and Dream in Honor of Women’s History Month

Pay tribute to Women's History Month with these new children's books!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we honor both the tremendous triumphs of the past and the astounding achievements which have yet to come.  It is with this in mind, that I struggled to pour over countless books chronicling extraordinary women of former and present times.  It would be easy to highlight powerhouses, but how would I choose between Kamala Harris or Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Aretha Franklin or Selena; Sally Ride or Mae Jemison?  Instead, I hope to share with you some other titles that should not be overlooked. 

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