#OPLSummer Week 7: Read, Watch & Listen: Black Joy!

This week we celebrate diversity and focus on the idea of Black Joy. Read, watch and listen to these resources to tap into Black Joy and celebrate the pride and diversity among Black people!

Book cover of My People by Langston Hughes, photographs by Charles R. Smith Jr.

When I was a teenager, independent and sure of everything, I asked my mother, “Why did you even have kids? You of all people know how awful people can be and how tough life is.” My mother, raised in the backwoods of segregated Virginia, gave birth to and raised three daughters.  

I’m sure my hand was on my hip as I asked her. I directed my frustration—with racism, with sexism, with classism, with the whole world—at her. After all, she brought me into such a crazy world. She deserved some sass! 

At the time, I was sure I wouldn’t ever

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OPL Launches Gardening Video Playlist

The Oakland Public Library continues providing the community with gardening tips, book lists, and now, videos.

With the Bay Area sheltering at home, many of us have turned to gardening for recreation, food production, and relaxation. In response, the Oakland Public Library has launched a new YouTube playlist all about gardening. 

Recently Chavez Library branch manager Pete Villasenor showcased the "Huerta de Dolores" garden. Dimond Branch librarian Rebekah Eppley filmed a tour of edible herbs and weeds in her home garden. This new resource will provide visitors with garden tours, planting tips, plant identification, and other information to make your time in the botanical world more productive and enjoyable. If you missed our

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#OwnVoices Books for Teens by Black Authors

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Summer Fun for Adults Week 6: DIY

DIY project ideas for summer fun.

It's week six of summer reading and this week we're highlighting DIY projects and books. Interested in making your own beer? Have an old cigar box lying around? Why not make a guitar! Or maybe you want to take up painting or learn to make your own peanut butter. Whatever DIY project you'd like to explore, we have books to get you started.

Arts & Crafts

DIY Watercolors  Papercrafts  Making Marbled Paper 

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#OPLSummer Week 6: Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

We miss seeing you in the library! Build, Make, Play has been a favorite summer activity in our branches. What can you make at home?

Welcome July!  We're more than half way through the summmer reading program. What have you learned to do since sheltering in place began? We've heard the stories of at home haircuts, bread baking and the challenges of home schooling. What are you doing for fun?

Here are some ideas:

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Harvesting Gardening Tips from the Oakland Public Library

The Oakland Public Library offers resources on all types of gardening projects, from container gardening to urban farming.

Since no one knows yet how long we’ll be sheltering in place, we might as well make the most of our time at home. For many of us, that means spending more time in our gardens, planting new flowers, shrubs, and vegetables for spring. For many more of you who don’t have gardens, you now have the time to start one of your own. 

The Oakland Public Library offers all the practical tips you need to plan, start, and nurture your garden whether it be a a row of pots on an apartment balcony or a large urban farm. Gardening has many benefits. It’s environmentally restorative, economical, physically stimulating, meditative, and creative. 

The library offers a variety of e-books on every aspect of gardening. Here are a few to get you started:

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What If You Can't Work From Home?

Resources for people who cannot shelter in place for work, recently lost their work because of Covid-19, or are otherwise figuring out how to survive this time.

Oakland-- we miss you! We love you! Thank you for helping to flatten the curve and support your community. For those who have to work outdoors, thank you for keeping The Town alive.

Even though we're closed, OPL is still here to support you as you navigate a new reality. You might be feeling the effects of the pandemic if you still have to go to work while others work from home, if you've had your hours reduced, or lost employment as a result of Covid-19, this blog is for you. 

If you're looking for more local resources, check out other local COVID-19 resources compiled by Your Library.

¿Qué sucede si no puedes trabajar

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Local Resources During COVID-19

We're building a list of resources Oaklanders can turn to for help during the COVID-19 crisis.

While our branches and many public services are closed, there are still local agencies, organizations, and businesses that want to help during uncertain times. This guide will be updated continuously.

Know of a local business, group, or organization providing goods or services to the community? Please list them in the comments below!

For a more comprehense Bay Area -wide list, visit PLAN's Bay Area Resource List

From Your Library

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Summer Fun for Adults Week 5: Reach Out

We're in the fifth week of the library’s Summer Fun for Adults program. This week’s theme is “Reach Out,” so our reading suggestions focus on letters and correspondences.

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#OPLSummer Week 5: Reach Out for Pride

It's Pride 2020, and this year we're celebrating by telling the stories of the protests and uprisings that brought us to the present, and that will carry us into the future.

black trans lives matter

[Image description: The words #Black Trans Lives Matter are written in the background. A person with brown skin and long black starry hair that fades into the night sky is at the top, and a person with brown skin wearing a pastel rainbow and holding a megaphone at the front of a crowd is at the bottom, with a banner reading "Give us our roses while we're still here" in the background. Art by Ethan X Parker.]

It's Pride 2020, and this year we're celebrating by telling the stories of the protests and uprisings that brought us to the present, and that will carry us into the future. Check out our LGBTQ+ Family Pride event on Saturday, June 27, and keep reading

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