What Will You Submit to the 90-Second Newbery Festival?

Now accepting submissions to the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival!

90 Second Newbery LogoOnce again, we are thrilled to host a screening of James Kennedy's 90-Second Newbery Film Festival, coming to the Rockridge Branch on Saturday, February 13, at 12noon.  

James will introduce many of the amazing films, made by kids around the country, that tell the story of a Newbery book in 90-Seconds or less. 

Will he show your film? Not if you don't submit one! The rules are all at  http://jameskennedy.com/90-second-newbery/, and the deadline is January 10, 2016

So check out or download your favorite Newbery title for the Thanksgiving break, and start planning your 90-second Newbery. Here's one of my favorites: a musical rendition of Ramona and Her Father:


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