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This month we feature early learning tips for preschoolers. Children ages 0-5 are learning everyday about the world around them. This four part series will focus on developing pre-reading skills that prepare kids for school.

In my recent reading of Land of Cranes by local author Aida Salazar,  I came across a passage where a mother wants to teach children in a detention center. Someone commented  but they have no pen or paper!  Never mind that. They have their voices. They would learn through song just as the enslaved learned about a path to freedom by Follow[ing] the Drinking Gourd. 

Singing helps children hear the sounds that make up words.  



  • Sing the A-B-C song, nursery rhymes, funny songs or any songs you like. 
  • Clap to the rhythm. 
  • Clap to mark the number of syllables.  
    See video
  • Sing songs in any language.  
    See video
  • Singing is a powerful way to connect you and your child to the world’s cultures.



Download kid friendly music from HOOPLA


  • Sing as you do everyday things together, such as making breakfast or going to the store. 
  • Sing “If you’re happy and you know it, wash your hands” while scrubbing for the recommended 20 seconds. 

Is there a favorite song you remember from your childhood?


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