Reasons To Read Non-Fiction: Birdscaping Your World

A selection of books on the joy of birding and how to attract birds (and bees and butterflies) to your outdoor space.

closeup of hummingbird at feeder




This week’s Advice for Readers Blog Post collects a variety of books on the subject of birds and birdscaping, my personal favorite self-care activity of 2020. Birdscaping is a term that refers to the practice of turning your yard (or patio, or balcony, or window ledge) into a safe and habitable space for our feathered friends and, in turn, a sanctuary for yourself. What I have also learned is that the term does not refer to the practice of catching birds and artfully shaving them, which, believe me, the birds DO NOT LIKE! (I kid. I

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in December 2020

If you're wondering what to read next, here are ten excellent novels coming out in December.

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New Books Featuring Oakland and Oakland Authors

Check out these new books by Oakland authors.

This week we're highlighting some of the new books in our collection that feature Oakland and/or were written by Oakland authors. The books below were all written in the past few years. Any of these books can be placed on hold and picked up at our sidewalk pick up locations.

Happy reading!

Fiction and Poetry

Black Joy

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Recent Cookbooks & A List Of Great Food Films

Here's a selection of recent cookbooks from 2019 and 2020 about food from various countries, paired with a list of fantastic food-filled films.

In this week’s Advice for Readers blog, OPL offers to take you on a culinary journey of food and film. We, here at the Non-Fiction satellite office, have put together a couple of lists designed to transport you to exciting culinary locales, while allowing you to remain in the safety and comfort of your own living space. First, a selection of recent cookbooks that are more than just recipes, they are windows into cultures and traditions from around the world. In many cases, these books are just as much travelogue as cookbook, comprised of family stories and stunning photography of foods and locations. As an added bonus, our staff has compiled a list of great films about food to pair with your gastronomic selections, all available with your OPL library card on

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in November 2020

The temperatures are dropping--it's time to cozy up with a good book! Here are 10 hot works of fiction coming this month to keep you warm.

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Native American Heritage Month

New books by North American Indigenous authors.

November is Native American Heritage Month and Oakland Public Library has many new books on our shelves written by North American Indigenous authors. The books featured below were all released this year. You can place them on hold with your library card and pick them up at any of our sidewalk pick-up sites when they're ready. Happy reading!

Words Like Thunder Postcolonial Love Poem

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Reasons to Read Non-Fiction: Music

A selection of recent books about music and an exploration of how music and architecture are practically the same thing.







“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” --Martin Mull (probably) 

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in October 2020

Do you have room on your holds list? Here are 10 works of fiction coming out this month you'll want to get your eyes on.

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October is Black Speculative Fiction Month

New books (and old!) for Black Speculative Fiction Month.

Oakland Public Library has books to help you celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month. Listed below are some titles released during the past few years, in case you missed them, and several released just this year.

If you're new to Black Speculative fiction or are looking for older titles you can find those in our Advice for Reader's 2019 and 2018 blog posts.

There are many opinions and conversations taking place about the Black Speculative fiction genre. It's Lit offers an informative and engaging short video describing the history of Black Speculative Fiction, Afrofuturism and

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Reasons to Read Non-Fiction: Election 2020

In this week's Advice for Readers blog, we take a look at some books on politics in 2020 that you may have overlooked.


As if we haven’t been through enough already, it’s election season! This week’s Advice for Readers blog highlights books from 2020 that illuminate our current national political circumstances: how we got here, some of the major political figures, and how we can use the power of the people to create a better future for us all. 

The Oakland Public Library has put together an informational page entitled, "How To Make Sure Your Vote Counts," containing information on voter registration, deadlines, early voting (starts Monday, October 5th!), language assistance, and more. Click

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