Labor Movements in the United States

Work stoppages and labor strikes in the United States have increased during the past ten years. Learn more about the history of labor movements.

How common are labor strikes in the United States? The numbers are growing. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, in 2018 there were 20 major work stoppages, the most since 2007 and the number of workers involved in these work stoppages was the highest since 1986. Last month teachers in Los Angeles went on strike and teachers in West Virginia  recently ended a two-day strike, their second in less than a year. Currently teachers in the Oakland Unified School District are striking.

You can  learn more about the history of labor movements, strikes and work stoppages in the U.S. from these books available at OPL. 

The Life and Death of American Labor     Glory in Their Movement     Strike!     

A History of America in 10 Strikes     From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend     Household Workers Unite     Beyond $15

The death and life of American labor : toward a new worker's movement / Stanley Aronowitz

Glory in their spirit : how four black women took on the Army during World War II / Sandra M. Bolzenius

Strike! / by Jeremy Brecher

From mission to microchip : a history of the California labor movement / Fred B. Glass

A history of America in ten strikes / Erik Loomis

From the folks who brought you the weekend : an illustrated history of labor in the United States / Priscilla Murolo and A.B. Chitty ; illustrations by Joe Sacco

Household workers unite : the untold story of African American women who built a movement / Premilla Nadasen

Beyond $15 : immigrant workers, faith activists, and the revival of the labor movement / Jonathan Rosenblum


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