10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in October 2021

Here are 10 literary treats arriving this month, including a generous dose of horror.

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It's Your Library—Online

The Oakland Public Library is thrilled to announce that we are moving to a new website. You can visit the new site starting today.

The Oakland Public Library is thrilled to announce that we are moving to a new website. You can visit the new site starting today. The Library’s current website and catalog will remain active until we move to the new platform on November 8. 

Here are some of the features we're most excited about: 

  • Our new website is mobile friendly and easy to use on any device.   

  • You can search the catalog, website, FAQs, or events

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OPL Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month

Check out these new books by Latinx authors.

September 15th is the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month and we're excited to feature these new books by Latinx authors in honor of the occasion. Some of these authors may be familiar to you while others, such as Gabriela Garcia, are publishing for the first time. Whether you're looking for poetry, memoir, fiction, science fiction or magical realism there's something here for everyone. Happy reading!


American Orphan What's Mine is Yours Of Women and Salt

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Family Activities for Fire Season

Fun indoor things to do with children during smoky days

At some point, shorter days and -- unfortunately -- smoky air may keep your family inside. You're probably familiar with that! Try some of these indoor activities to change things up:

  • Stream free movies online using your library card. OPL offers feature films, animated read-alouds, documentaries, and tons of kid-friendly content on KanopyHoopla, and Overdrive. Or put some DVDs on hold to check out from your local branch. Certain librarians may have been known to host a Harry Potter marathon over a long weekend. What's your favorite multi-film series?

  • Since it's fire season: check your emergency kits and make

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in September 2021

There are so many wonderful new works of fiction coming in September, it will be hard to choose where to start! Here are ten suggestions.

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一年容易又中秋 不論月亮向那方圓,最終人月兩團圓。



凱文.漢克斯(Kevin Henkes)


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5 maneras de festejar el Día Internacional de la Alfabetización

La alfabetización es un derecho humano fundamental y un instrumento imprescindible de autonomía personal

El 8 de septiembre se celebra el Día Internacional de la Alfabetización con el objetivo de resaltar y recordar el derecho a la educación y la lucha contra el analfabetismo en todos los rincones y países del mundo. 

En la Biblioteca creemos que la alfabetización es esencial para el florecimiento y el bienestar de las personas, las comunidades y las sociedades en todo el mundo y celebramos la alfabetización en todas sus formas y idiomas. 

El tema del Día Internacional de la Alfabetización 2021 es: "Alfabetización para una recuperación centrada en el ser humano: Reducir la brecha digital". La Biblioteca Pública de Oakland dispone de una conexión de Wi-fi y computadoras para el uso público. Tambiéprestamos 

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Here are a few of the newest or most popular zines from our ever-growing Zine Collection!

You may or may not know this, but the Oakland Public Library has a robust and ever-growing collection of zines!

Zines are independently or self-published booklets, often photocopied, often stapled, and generally motivated by self-expression, personal interest, or passion. Zines can be about anything, do not have to conform to any rules or guidelines, and are DIY by nature.

Some say zines have been around since Thomas Paine's historic and self-published Common Sense, though others say zines started sometime in the 30s as scifi fanzines. They have often been situated within various scenes and subcultures -- like the 70s punk scene and the 90s Riot Grrrl scene -- but are created by all kinds of people and are about anything you can think of. They can be intellectual, political, artistic, historical, cultural, informational, personal, poetic, and on and on and on. 

We started our OPL zine collection to be a mobile collection housed on one of our Bike

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Feliz inicio, o regreso, a clases

Los libros son una excelente herramienta para prepararnos para el regreso a clases

Regresar, o iniciar por primera vez, a la escuela es una experiencia emocionante pero también llena de nervios, tanto para padres/cuidadores como para estudiantes. Después de un año de clases remotas, este año nos trae muchos desafíos. 

 Los libros son una excelente herramienta para prepararnos para ello. Nos enseñan importantes lecciones de vida y abren una vía de comunicación con nuestros estudiantes para que puedan hacernos preguntas y compartir cómo se sienten.

Estos cinco libros son muy buenos para compartir durante esta transición.

Las princesas también van a la escuela por Susie

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