Upcoming Exhibits

When: Friday, May 1, 2015 - Sunday, May 31, 2015
Image of artwork from exhibit

Islamic Art Exhibit presents a group art exhibition on the theme “Arabic: Language of the Quran.”

Islamic Art Exhibit (IAE) is a local non-profit arts organization established in 2009 to promote Islamic Arts and provide a platform for the creative individuals of the Muslim Community living in the Bay Area.  IAE’s 2015 theme Arabic: Language of the Quran highlights the importance of Arabic not only as the sacred language of the revealed Quran but also as an independent art form adopted by calligraphers and artists around the world. 

Islamic Art Exhibit seeks to build bridges between diverse communities through the visual arts.  Every year the group selects a different theme and solicits original artwork from local artists to be displayed in libraries and cultural institutions throughout the Bay Area.  Each exhibition provides a unique opportunity to explore the scope of “Islamic Art” and celebrate the rich tapestry of countries, cultures and artistic traditions of the Muslim diaspora. For more information about Islamic Art Exhibit please visit their website http://www.islamicartexhibit.com/