Upcoming Exhibits

Where: Lakeview Branch[field_exhibit_locadditional_value]
When: Saturday, April 1, 2017 - Sunday, April 30, 2017
Brightly colored painting, series de mujeres by Keka

Keka’s chosen medium is bold acrylic colors because it reflects my worldview and vision of people.  Some of her subjects are real people that she has encountered; however, the majority of her pieces are a part of her identity as a native of Chile, and an immigrant in North America.  She emphasizes bodies of colors and the growing complexities of identities in the USA. 

This body of work intersects with Keka’s daily life, the presence of women, the elements of nature involved, and the idea of arriving and leaving a place.

She asks the observer: What does it mean to determine gender and race?  She plays with our deeply ingrained societal obsession to label and to identify each other by race and gender.

Keka’s hope is that people can see their own humanity in others. It is not just a black and white theme. It's the gray areas between, the daring of each chakra that she tries to transmit through her work. Keka leaves it to the observer to determine what truly creates our distance from each other.

She is passionate in conveying the idea that color is truly a state of mind; we all see different shades, we all feel vibrant colors in different ways.  The mix of colors and choice of brush strokes reflect and encompass what she sees in her world today.


Where: Main Library[field_exhibit_locadditional_value]
When: Sunday, April 2, 2017 - Friday, June 30, 2017
Judson Rolling Mills factory

The Oakland History Room is hosting a new exhibit, mounted by the Emeryville Historical Society, that will trace the history of Park Avenue from its days as an industrial corridor to its current state as home to Pixar studios, live-work lofts, and the administrative center of Emeryville.  This photo exhibit will feature images of the many attractions, including sports, gambling, and entertainment that the street had to offer.