Teen Tech Week

Teen Tech Week Logo and Graphic

Teen Tech Week, 2014!

3-D printers in the Library? YES! OPL is excited to be celebrating Teen Tech Week with other libraries and young adults across the country during March 9-15, 2014. The theme this year is “DIY@ your library” and OPL is thrilled to be working with local organizations like Youth Radio and the Sudo Room in connecting Oakland teens to technology companies and maker spaces in our community. During this week, workshops will focus on bringing new technology into the Library and teens will be able to create their own app, experiment with simple electronic circuits or chat with creative technology innovators from the community. 

Please join us!

Create Your Own App!

Youth Radio's Mobile Design 101 gives participants an introduction to the process of app development. This activity gets participants to start thinking about mobile app ideation, research, and design. By the end of this session, everyone will have designed their own app!

Rockridge Branch: Wednesday, March 12, 2:00pm

Wearable Tech: Power Cuffs

In this workshop you’ll sew a simple circuit with an LED to create a bracelet or power cuff that lights up on command! All workshop supplies are provided.

Piedmont Avenue Branch: Thursday, March 13, 3:30pm

The SudoRoom Presents: 3-D Printing!

Join us as local Hackers from SudoRoom, an Oakland-based community hacker space, bring a 3-D printer to the Main TeenZone! Prepare to be amazed at the three-dimensional objects a simple printer can produce. 

Main Library: Wednesday, March 12,  3:00pm

LED Origami 

Light up your origami creations! In this workshop, we’ll experiment with LEDs and simple circuits to light up classic paper creations.

Main Library: Wednesday, March 12, 4:30pm
Dimond Branch: Friday, March 14, 3:30pm
Brookfield Branch: Friday, March 14, 3:30pm 

LED Plushy Creatures

Technology + Crafts = Cute creatures that light up!  Some sewing is required for this workshop, but all supplies are provided.

Asian Branch: Saturday, March 15, 2:00pm
Eastmont Branch: Tuesday, March 11, 3:30pm

Wearable Technology

Have you ever wanted to create your own clothing? Did you ever imagine that it could light up at night? It can! In this workshop you’ll experiment with simple circuits and LEDs to create a signature sash of your own that can be attached to a bicycle, pet or you! All workshop supplies are provided. 

81st Avenue Branch: Saturday, March 15, 1:00pm