The Oakland Public Library MOVe

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The Oakland Public Library MOVe is a pop-up mobile library that will improve library access for youth in underserved neighborhoods of Oakland. 

This innovative all-electric vehicle will:

  • Provide access to books, technology, and innovative programming.
  • Encourage social gathering by creating a unique and inviting social space.
  • Foster enjoyment of reading and library use.
  • Increase awareness of the Oakland Public Library and become part of Oakland’s urban fabric.
  • Embody and promote Oakland’s creative spirit.

Image of the MOVe

The Oakland Public Library MOVe will visit schools and organizations and be a visible presence at many of Oakland’s fairs and outdoor events.

Services available on the MOVe include wifi access, laptops, tablets, video games, movies, music, books, and a variety of programs and crafts.

The MOVe is designed by an Oakland architectural firm, Gyroscope Inc., incorporating input from Oakland youth focus groups.  Sheet Metal Alchemist, an Oakland firm, is the MOVe’s fabricator.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the MOVe, contact Lana Adlawan at or call (510) 238-6720.