Mobile Hotspots for Borrowing

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Oakland Public Library has hotspots that can be borrowed with your library card.


What is a Hotspot? 
A hotspot, or more exactly a mobile hotspot, is a small portable device about the size of a deck of cards that provides wireless Internet access to your personal electronic device (a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

Where can I check out a Library Hotspot?
Library hotspots may be checked out from the Brookfield Branch Library, 9255 Edes Ave., the Main Library, 125 14th St., Melrose Branch Library, 4805 Foothill Blvd. or the West Oakland Branch Library, 1801 Adeline St.  You can call 510-615-5725, 510-238-3144, 510-535-5623, or 510-238-7352 to reserve one. 

Who can borrow a Library Hotspot?
Oakland Public Library cardholders in good standing with a current address may borrow a Library Hotspot.  Cardholders must not owe more than $50 on their Oakland Public Library account.

How long can I keep it?
Library Hotspots can be checked out for three weeks.  They may be renewed if there are no holds on it by logging into your account or calling any of the branches listed above.

Internet service will be turned off if a Library Hotspot is overdue.

How do I return it?
Library Hotspots must be returned directly to the location you got it from.  

You must return the device with all the packaging and accessories.

What is the cost?
Library Hotspots are FREE to check out.

A late fee of $0.25 per day is charged.  A $50 replacement fee is will be billed if the hotspot is not returned, is lost, or is damaged.  A $20 fee will be charged for a missing cord and plug.

Can I use the Library HotSpot anywhere?
The Library Hotspots connect to the Internet anywhere Sprint has service.  They do not work outside of the United States. 

Can I connect multiple devices to the Library HotSpot?
You can connect up to 5 devices on the Library HotSpot.

Who do I call if I have trouble with the Library HotSpot?
Call our Special Projects Librarian at 510-238-6720.

How do I use the HotSpot?
You should have received a Quick Start Guide with your HotSpot.  Here they are in PDF form.

Library Hotspot Quick Start Guide
Library Hotspot Quick Start Guide - Chinese