Welcome Parents!

The Library has a wonderful collection of materials to borrow. We also offer a variety of special programs for children.

We encourage children to:

  • develop good reading skills
  • explore new technology
  • appreciate their own and others' cultures
  • enjoy reading and learning!

The Library respects the right of each person to choose his or her own books and other items. While Children's Services Librarians are available to suggest age-appropriate and appealing materials, parents may wish to monitor their children's choices. We do not restrict children's access to any library resources, including online. Oakland Public Library has a wide and varied collection serving the interests, values, and needs of our diverse community.

Help your child have a safe, enjoyable visit to the library...

  • Please make sure that your child can get home from the library safely. Arrange for your children to walk or have transportation home before the library closes. It is frightening and possibly dangerous for children to wait outside the library by themselves.
  • Please make sure that your child can contact you. Children may use the library phone for emergencies only. Make sure that your child knows her (or his) address, your phone number and the number of another adult who can provide a ride home in an emergency. Remember, the library does not keep personal emergency information for your child.
  • Children 7 or younger must be supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver. They should not be left unattended. Often, even older children are uncomfortable when left alone in the library.
  • Even the most well-behaved child may become restless, hungry, or tired if left for long periods of time. Disruptive children will be asked to leave the library.
  • Help your children take good care of the books and other library materials they borrow and return them on time so others can use them. Parents are responsible for any charges on their children's records for lost, damaged or late materials.