Short and Scary Picture Books

Book Cover Title
A dark dark tale
Ruth Brown
A black cat prowls an abandoned mansion, venturing farther into its darkest chambers until it discovers…?
Ghost's hour, spook's hour
Eve Bunting
Midnight noises and spooky sights won’t stop a boy and his dog from seeking his missing parents.
Image of The teeny-tiny woman: a ghost story book cover The teeny-tiny woman: a ghost story
Paul Galdone
Is the bone haunted that the teeny tiny woman found in the churchyard?
Image of Jitterbug jam book cover Jitterbug jam
Barbara Jean Hicks
With a slice of bread and jitterbug jam, Bobo the monster won’t be afraid of the boy under his bed.
Image of The ghost of Nicholas Greebe book cover The ghost of Nicholas Greebe
Tony Johnston
This ghost cannot rest until his stolen thigh bone is returned.
Image of The mystery of Eatum Hall book cover The mystery of Eatum Hall
John Kelly and Cathy Tincknell
Horace and Glenda are invited to Eatum Hall, but what’s on the menu?
Image of Ghosts in the house!  book cover Ghosts in the house!
Kazuno Kohara
A clever girl knows the best way to take care of a house full of ghosts.
Image of The boy who drew cats book cover The boy who drew cats
Arthur A. Levine
In an old Japanese legend, a boy’s lovingly painted cats destroy the evil Goblin Rat.
Image of The dark at the top of the stairs book cover The dark at the top of the stairs
Sam McBratney
The young mice want to visit the dark stairs where the monster lives. What will they find?
Image of Precious and the Boo Hag book cover Precious and the Boo Hag
Patricia C. McKissack
Prunella is tricky and she’s scary. Will Precious let her in?
Halloween A B C
Eve Merriam
D is for Demon, F is for Fiend—a playful and shivery alphabet book.
Image of Velcome book cover Velcome
Kevin O'Malley
These spooky jokes might make you scream with laughter!
Image of Baba Yaga & the wise doll book cover Baba Yaga & the wise doll
Hiawyn Oram
Sent to the wicked Baba Yaga by her horrid stepsisters, Too Nice receives help from a doll.
I'm coming to get you!
Tony Ross
A terrible monster is coming to get little Tommy Brown…He’s here!
The boy and the ghost
Robert D. San Souci
A poor boy hopes to win a fortune by spending the night in a haunted house.
Image of Abiyoyo book cover Abiyoyo
Pete Seeger
A boy and his father trick a giant before he eats them alive!
Image of Monster Goose book cover Monster Goose
Judy Sierra
“Sing a song of sea slime”? “Monster Bo-Creep”? Nursery rhymes like never before!
Image of Do not open book cover Do not open
Brinton Turkle
Miss Moody finds a mysterious purple bottle half-buried in the sand. Scratched on the glass are the words “Do Not Open.”
Image of The witch's child book cover The witch's child
Arthur Yorinks
A cold-hearted witch makes a child of straw. What does she need to bring her to life?