Funny Books for 3rd-6th Grade Students

Book Cover Title
Image of Mr. Popper's penguins book cover Mr. Popper's penguins
Richard and Florence Atwater
After writing a letter to Admiral Drake at the South Pole, Mr. Popper receives a surprise that changes life for his entire family.
Image of Who was that masked man, anyway? book cover Who was that masked man, anyway?
Frankie cannot stop acting like his favorite action heroes no matter how often he gets into trouble.
Image of Flat Stanley book cover Flat Stanley
Jeff Brown
After being flattened, Stanley has amazing adventures like slipping under doors and flying like a kite.
Image of Henry Huggins book cover Henry Huggins
Beverly Cleary
The fun begins when Henry adopts a scrawny dog.
Image of Frindle book cover Frindle
Andrew Clements
Nick's new word, frindle, catches on at school and then attracts the national media.
Image of Absolutely normal chaos book cover Absolutely normal chaos
Sharon Creech
Mary Lou's normally strange summer involves her family, best friend, boyfriend, and a weird cousin.
Image of The Twits book cover The Twits
Roald Dahl
Who can play a nastier, sillier trick - Mr. or Mrs. Twit, or their pet Muggle-Wumps?
Image of Joey Pigza swallowed the key book cover Joey Pigza swallowed the key
Jack Gantos
Running with scissors. Sharpening his finger in the pencil sharpener. What will Joey do next?
Image of The Trolls book cover The Trolls
Polly Horvath
Who can believe the stories Aunt Sally tells - especially the one about the Trolls?
Image of Dial-a-ghost book cover Dial-a-ghost
Eva Ibbotson
An orphan inherits the Snodde-Brittle family fortune and a houseful of unusual ghosts.
Image of Three terrible trins book cover Three terrible trins
Dick King-Smith
The Trins get the mice clans to cooperate and outwit the cats.
Image of Maxx Comedy book cover Maxx Comedy
Gordon Korman
Max is the funniest kid in America, but it's hard to prove it to everyone else!
Image of Tingleberries, tuckertubs and telephones: a tale of love and ice-cream book cover Tingleberries, tuckertubs and telephones: a tale of love and ice-cream
Margaret Mahy
Deserted on Breakfast Island, Saracen learns to grow the wondrous ice-cream-like Tingleberry, making him rich, and drawing the attention of nasty pirates.
Image of Be a perfect person in just three days! book cover Be a perfect person in just three days!
Stephen Manes
After being hit in the head by a library book, Milo decides to try the silly suggestion.
Image of Dog Friday book cover Dog Friday
Hilary McKay
Robin and his wacky neighbors cause trouble trying to help him keep his new dog.
Image of Owls in the family  book cover Owls in the family
Farley Mowat
In this story of two unusual and silly pets, Wol brings dead skunks to the dinner table and Weeps is afraid of everything.
Image of Fat men from space book cover Fat men from space
Daniel Manus Pinkwater
William is picking up signals through his dental fillings that aliens are wiping out all of earth's junk food!
Image of Johnny Mutton, he's so him! book cover Johnny Mutton, he's so him!
James Proimos
How does Momma win staring contests? Learn her noisy secret in these silly cartoon adventures.
Image of How to eat fried worms book cover How to eat fried worms
Thomas Rockwell
What would you be willing to do for fifty dollars? Would you eat one juicy worm a day for fifteen days, cooked up in a variety of appetizing ways?
Image of Sideways stories from Wayside School book cover Sideways stories from Wayside School
Louis Sachar
Get to know the funniest kids and teachers at the weirdest school ever built!
Image of Mean Margaret book cover Mean Margaret
Tor Seidler
Margaret is such a horrible baby that her siblings ditch her in the woods, where she is adopted by a family of woodchucks. Will they survive Mean Margaret?