African-American Fiction for Grades 3-7

Book Cover Title
Charlie Pippin
Candy Dawson Boyd
Charlie’s visit to the Vietnam War Memorial helps her to better understand and feel closer to her father, a bitter veteran.
Oren Bell
Barbara Hood Burgess
The creepy old house next door seems to be the source of all of Oren’s troubles, or could it be the answer to his problems?
Image of The stories Julian tells book cover The stories Julian tells
Ann Cameron
Seven-year-old Julian describes the lemon pudding disaster and other funny stories about his family and friends.
Image of Grandma's general store: the Ark book cover Grandma's general store: the Ark
Dorothy Carter
During the Depression, Prince and Pearl stay with their grandmother in Florida, while their parents look for work in Pennsylvania.
The lucky stone
Lucille Clifton
Tee enjoys her great-grandmother’s stories about the lucky stone and the good fortune it brings to each of its owners.
Image of Sahara special book cover Sahara special
Esmé Raji Codell
Sahara’s life blossoms as a result of Miss Pointy’s devoted and very unusual teaching style.
Image of Sahara special book cover Sahara special
Esmé Raji Codell
Sahara’s life blossoms as a result of Miss Pointy’s devoted and very unusual teaching style.
Jump ship to freedom
James Lincoln Collier
Forced onto a trade ship leaving Connecticut, Daniel must escape or be sold into slavery in the West Indies.
Image of Bud, not Buddy book cover Bud, not Buddy
Christopher Paul Curtis
"Bud Caldwell 's Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself" help Bud cope as he runs away from his foster home to find his father.
Image of Double Dutch book cover Double Dutch
Sharon M. Draper
More than anything Delia loves double Dutch jump rope but has a secret that just might keep her off of the championship team.
Image of Francie book cover Francie
Karen English
Francie risks danger for the friendship of a boy who is wanted for murder in rural Alabama.
Image of Yolonda's genius book cover Yolonda's genius
Carol Fenner
Fifth-grader Yolonda sets out to prove that her younger brother is not “slow” but a musical genius.
Image of The skin I'm in book cover The skin I'm in
Sharon G. Flake
Dark-skinned, tall and skinny, Maleeka feels like the biggest freak in middle school until she meets her new English teacher.
Philip Hall likes me, I reckon maybe
Bette Greene
Eleven-year-old Beth thinks that Philip Hall likes her, but their on-again, off-again friendship sometimes makes her wonder.
Image of Bronx masquerade book cover Bronx masquerade
Nikki Grimes
A poetry assignment in a high-school class reveals friendships, romances, enemies, and secret talents.
Image of Cousins book cover Cousins
Virginia Hamilton
Cammy can’t help feeling jealous of her pretty, smart cousin Patty Anne who seems to do everything perfectly.
Which way freedom?
Joyce Hansen
Obi, a young slave, dreams of finding his mother so he escapes but finds himself joining the Union army during the Civil War.
Image of Mister and me book cover Mister and me
Kimberly Willis Holt
Jolene does just about everything she can think of to keep her mother from marrying “Mister.”
Image of Ola shakes it up book cover Ola shakes it up
Joanne Hyppolite
When her family moves to an all-white neighborhood, Ola and her siblings overcome prejudice, unfriendly classmates, and strict community rules.
Image of Toning the sweep book cover Toning the sweep
Angela Johnson
Fourteen-year-old Emily videotapes her grandmother, Ola, and learns the secrets of her family history.
Image of Day of tears: a novel in dialogue book cover Day of tears: a novel in dialogue
Julius Lester
History comes alive as slaves, owners, auctioneers and abolitionists talk about the terrible day of the largest slave auction ever held in America.
Image of Run away home book cover Run away home
Patricia C. McKissack
Sarah saves Sky, an Apache boy who escapes from a train taking him to a reservation.
Image of Junebug book cover Junebug
Alice Mead
As his tenth birthday approaches, Reeve “Junebug” McClain dreams of becoming a sailor and leaving his harsh life in a housing project.
The righteous revenge of Artemis Bonner
Walter Dean Myers
In this comical Wild West tale, Artemis Bonner travels to Tombstone, Arizona to avenge his uncle’s death and to find hidden treasure.
Image of Walking to the bus-rider blues book cover Walking to the bus-rider blues
Harriette Gillem Robinet
The 1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott complicates the life of twelve-year-old Alfa Merryfield and his family. Who stole their rent money and who took $2,000 from Dr. Williams’ house?
Finding Buck McHenry
Alfred Slote
Jason thinks that his school custodian Mack Henry is a famous Negro League pitcher and tries to enlist him as his Little League coach.
Image of The land book cover The land
Mildred D. Taylor
Paul-Edward Logan works as a lumberman, fine carpenter, horse trainer, and jockey, during the late 1800s, pursuing his goal to own land.
Image of Suitcase book cover Suitcase
Mildred Pitts Walter
Xander Bingham hates his nickname "Suitcase" and would rather be drawing than playing baseball to please his father.
Image of Locomotion book cover Locomotion
Jacqueline Woodson
Lonnie keeps a notebook about his foster family, the new boy at school, shooting hoops, and memories of his parents.