Laurel Lee: Landscapes of the Bay

Painting of a park and buildings by Laurel Lee

The new exhibit by Laurel Lee features paintings and drawings on paper depicting landscapes of the Bay! All work is done on location and not based on photographs. Work is done in watercolors and gouche. It is interesting to note what is planet and person-made in our landscapes.

Ms. Lee's work shows her many years of experience and education:

Bachelor of Arts, Unversoty of Minneapolis, Minnesota 1983; Masters of Art Education, University of La Crosse, Wisconsin 1991; Figure Drawing, University of Madison, Wisconsin 2000-2008; Figure Drawing, SOMA Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA 2000-2012; Drawing from the Reaissance, Florence, Italy; Shanghai Teacher Workshop, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA 2010

Bring your friends and enjoy Landscapes of the Bay!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - Friday, June 28, 2013