Upcoming Events

The list below shows all the currently scheduled library events. If you want to see a list of events happening at a specific OPL location, you can filter the list using the menu below. To see upcoming library events happening out in the community rather than at our branches, visit our offsite events page.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016
Event Name Time Location
Open Studio - Build 1:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
Finish the Drawing 1:30pm Golden Gate Branch
Free Computer Help Available 2:00pm Elmhurst Branch
A Beautiful Mess 2:00pm Melrose Branch
Teen 'Scape 2:00pm Rockridge Branch
Chavez GameZone 3:00pm César E. Chávez Branch
Beautiful Mess 3:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
Resume Help 3:00pm Main Library
Let's Meet in the 'Zone! 3:30pm West Oakland Branch
Wear Your Words (for Teens) 3:30pm West Oakland Branch
Lawyers in the Library 6:00pm Main Library
Author and Biologist Nathan H. Lents - Not So Different - Finding Human Nature in Animals 6:00pm Main Library
Thursday, July 28th, 2016
Event Name Time Location
Toddler Storytime 10:15am Montclair Branch
Toddler Time 10:15am Golden Gate Branch
Toddler Storytime 10:30am Temescal Branch
Preschool Storytime 10:30am 81st Avenue Branch
Play Café 10:30am Elmhurst Branch
Oakland Symphony Petting Zoo 10:30am Asian Branch
Family Story Time 10:30am Rockridge Branch
Baby Bounce 11:30am Montclair Branch
Magical Nathaniel 12:00pm Temescal Branch
ESL Conversation Club 1:00pm Eastmont Branch
Crab Cove Mobile Van 1:00pm Melrose Branch
Lego® Mania 1:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
LegoMania! 1:00pm Elmhurst Branch
ESL Conversation Club 2:00pm Main Library
Magical Nathaniel 3:00pm Eastmont Branch
Toddler Dance Party 3:00pm Eastmont Branch
Game Day 3:00pm Dimond Branch
Wear Your Words (for Teens) 3:00pm Piedmont Avenue Branch
Let's Meet in the Zone 3:30pm Piedmont Avenue Branch
Eastmont Summer GameZone 3:30pm Eastmont Branch
All Knit 3:30pm Lakeview Branch
Build It. Craft It. Make It. 3:30pm Montclair Branch
Lawyers in the Library 6:00pm Main Library
Citizen Science Workshop: Introduction to iNaturalist 6:00pm Main Library
Friday, July 29th, 2016
Event Name Time Location
Videogames on the Big Screen 1:00pm Elmhurst Branch
Fix and decorate your bicycle 2:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
Fresh Air Fridays - Crab Cove Mobile Van 2:00pm Main Library
Asian Summer GameZone 2:00pm Asian Branch
Wear Your Words (for Teens) 2:30pm Main Library
Jewelry Workshop (for Teens) 3:00pm Temescal Branch
Game Day 3:00pm Golden Gate Branch
Build It. Craft It. Make It. 3:30pm West Oakland Branch
Family Yoga and Fun 4:00pm Dimond Branch
AAMLO's Annual Festival of Knowledge 4:00pm African American Museum & Library at Oakland
Saturday, July 30th, 2016
Event Name Time Location
Citizen Science Workshop: Lake Merritt BioBlitz 10:00am Main Library
Family Storytime 10:30am Lakeview Branch
Toddler Storytime 10:30am Main Library
eBook Help 10:30am Piedmont Avenue Branch