Upcoming Events

The list below shows all the currently scheduled library events. If you want to see a list of events happening at a specific OPL location, you can filter the list using the menu below. To see upcoming library events happening out in the community rather than at our branches, visit our offsite events page.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
End of Summer Teen Passport Party! 1:30pm César E. Chávez Branch
Game Day 3:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
eBook Help 10:30pm Piedmont Avenue Branch
Sunday, August 13th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
Jazz on Sundays 3:00pm Golden Gate Branch
Monday, August 14th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
Preschool Storytime 10:30am Main Library
BANANAS Playgroup! 1:00pm Eastmont Branch
Eastmont Summer GameZone 3:30pm Eastmont Branch
Monday Arts & Crafts 4:30pm Brookfield Branch
Lawyers In The Library 5:00pm Eastmont Branch
Lawyers in the Library 5:00pm Brookfield Branch
Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
Baby Bounce 10:15am Main Library
Junior Carpenters Club 10:30am Eastmont Branch
Family Storytime 11:30am West Oakland Branch
Scientific Adventures for Girls 1:30pm Main Library
Scientific Adventures for Girls and Boys 3:30pm 81st Avenue Branch
Computer Help 4:00pm West Oakland Branch
Elmhurst Summer Movie Series 4:30pm Elmhurst Branch
Lawyers in the Library 5:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
Start & Run a Small Business 5:00pm West Oakland Branch
Family Movie Night 5:00pm West Oakland Branch
Lakeview Library Book Group 6:30pm Lakeview Branch
The Puppet Company 7:00pm Dimond Branch
Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
Toddler Storytime 10:10am Lakeview Branch
Toddler Storytime 10:15am Piedmont Avenue Branch
Play Café 10:15am Melrose Branch
Preschool Storytime 10:15am Golden Gate Branch
Toddler Storytime -- Session 1 10:15am Dimond Branch
Play Café 10:15am Martin Luther King Jr. Branch
Toddler Storytime 10:30am Temescal Branch
Preschool Storytime 10:30am Elmhurst Branch
Toddler Storytime 10:30am Asian Branch
Baby Bounce 10:30am Dimond Branch
Baby Bounce 11:00am Lakeview Branch
Family Storytime / Hora de Cuentos para toda la familia 11:00am César E. Chávez Branch
Preschool Storytime 11:00am Piedmont Avenue Branch
Toddler Storytime -- Session 2 11:00am Dimond Branch
Baby Play Time 11:15am Golden Gate Branch
Scientific Adventures For Girls 12:30pm Eastmont Branch
Dominoes, Checkers, and Chess - Oh My! 12:30pm Melrose Branch
PAWS to Read with BARK Therapy Dogs 1:30pm Montclair Branch
PAWS to Read with BARK Therapy Dogs 2:00pm 81st Avenue Branch
VideoGames in the TeenZone 2:00pm Main Library
Chavez GameZone 3:00pm César E. Chávez Branch
Germar 3:00pm Brookfield Branch
Pop-up TeenZone! 3:30pm Golden Gate Branch
MAKE YOUR OWN STAMP! (FOR TEENS) 3:30pm Golden Gate Branch
Ebook help 5:00pm Main Library
Lawyers in the Library 6:00pm Main Library
Thursday, August 17th, 2017
Event Name Time Location
Toddler Storytime 10:15am Montclair Branch