Dennis "D" Banjoman and Mr. O for National Night Out

Dennis "D" Banjoman & Mr. O at the Temescal Branch Library

Gather with your neighbors for the Temescal Branch Library's Sixth Annual National Night Out to enjoy the time-tested sounds of the legendary Dennis "D" Banjoman and Mr. O playing Traditional American Music, Traditional Songs of the Sea and Dennis "D," playing solo harmonica songs...

The musicians will offer an extensive repertoire of Americana, including some songs of the sea, some foot-stompers from Appalachia and the Deep South and some musical surprises. You can also check in on the progress of the urban agriculture project underway with the help of young people in the neighborhood. This year, we hope to serve food grown in the neighborhood.

The gathering takes place on the grounds of the National Historic Register-listed landmark building at 52nd St. & Telegraph Avenue. 

Bring refreshments, friends, anything you wish to add to the festivities.


This event has already occurred. Visit our events calendar for future events.


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