The Sky's The Limit: People v. Newton

Book cover image of The Sky's the Limit: People v. Newton

Join author and retired judge Lise Pearlman for a discussion about her newly published book The Sky's the Limit: People v. Newton, The Real Trial of the 20th Century? Her book presents the thesis that if Huey Newton were celebrating his 70th birthday in prison - as was the most likely outcome of his 1968 murder trial - Barack Obama would very likely not be in the White House.

Additionally, she analyzes several other trials, including the Scopes Monkey Trial, the Lindbergh Kidnapping, and the OJ Simpson Murder Trials with the conclusion that none is more significant than that of Newton's during the year that J. Edgar Hoover elevated the Panthers to the highest internal threat to American security. 

That eventful year featured two political assassinations and the chaotic Democratic Convention in Chicago where the Occupy Movement catch phrase "THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING" was coined. Ms. Pearlman provides some of the reasons why the world was/is watching.


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