Sex, Wax, and Pollen: The Honeybee Super-Organism

Bee image advertising a bee-keeping program at Oakland Public Library

Bees are highly industrious dance fanatics who have a knack for mathematics and are obsessed with pleasing their queen.  These goddesses of the garden have helped humans for thousands of years to make candles, get drunk, sweeten our lives, and most importantly: put food on our plates.  

But as global populations of honeybees are declining, we are scrambling to find out the roots of the imbalance.  We will fly into the hive to understand the big story of this tiny bug and how we can keep the sweetness flowing. Come find out how you can help the bees and even keep a beehive in your backyard!

This program is presented by Dr. Ryan Smith, a laser physicist, musician, and seasoned beekeeper. He now teaches physics at the Cal Maritime Academy and researches solar materials at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  


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Main Library

West Auditorum
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