Yoga and Your Health: Why Do Diseases Develop in Our Bodies? An Interactive Program with Aleatsae Klosova

Picture of yoga instructor

According to the sciences of Yoga and Auyrveda, health does not only mean physical healthy; there are many things than can cause a weakness or disease in our bodies.

How can yoga help you to live a happy and healthy daily life? The Yoga ways can be translated to mean "to unite" and "to join." Yoga means to achieve perfect balance, health and happiness.

We will explore the reasons for diseases and imbalances in our bodies, minds and souls according to the principles of Yoga. We will do a self-inguiry with a guided meditation to follow.

Please dress so that you are comfortable for sitting and doing simple stretches!

Aleatsae Klosova is the director  of Yoga in Daily Life Bay Area - Amrit Sagar center in Oakland and spends time there throughout the year sharing the richness of her studies of Yoga, chakras and kundalini. She teaches Yoga classes and workshops here and around the world according to the system of Yoga In Daily Life®. She brings into her classes her passion for yoga as a profound tool for self-discovery, healing, and living a happy and healthy daily life.


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