Write the Book that’s Inside You

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If you feel you have a book in you, then what do you have to lose by giving writing one a try?

“Easy,” you might answer; “fear, self-doubt, a sense of ‘who are you to do that?’ Even just how many books already exist on the library shelves!”

These are universal inner objections that arise when we seek to give voice to what is in our hearts and implicit in our beings. And while it can indeed take some courage to start writing a book, the connection with your deeper nature, the vein of gold waiting for you beneath the “mud” of confusion and discouragement, the real possibility of true inspiration—and the gratitude of future readers who may be greatly helped by your book—all conspire to urge you to bring forth the book of your heart. In this presentation, Book Developer Naomi Rose will introduce you to an organic way to bring forth the book of your heart so that if you feel a call to write one, you will have a head start.

Naomi Rose is a Book Developer, author, and the creator of “Writing from the Deeper Self.” Her books include Starting Your Book: A Guide to Navigating the Blank Page by Attending to What’s Inside You, and MotherWealth: The Feminine Path to Money. She lives and works in Oakland. Her website is www.writingfromthedeeperself.com.



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