Leadership with Brenda Karroll Walker

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Brenda is a member of Lakeside Speakeasy Toastmasters group and she's been a member for approximately seven years.  She is now working towards a distinguished Toastmaster award, which is the highest award one can receive in a Toastmaster leadership organization.


April 7th

Service and Leadership

A leader’s role is to serve the team members by helping the group work together, to provide structure, and to facilitate discussion. Team leaders are focused on goals and team members.


April 14th

Giving effective feedback

In order for a team to be effective, its leader must be able to comfortably offer feedback to team members. Feedback is information concerning the team’s behavior, attitude, relationships, and progress toward achieving objectives. Leaders that skillfully provide feedback help the team achieve its goals, build the team’s confidence and pride, and help them to succeed.


April 21st

Goal setting and planning

Successful leaders focus on what they want to achieve. They know what they want, and they devise ways to get it. The secret to their success is their ability to set and achieve specific goals. The abilities to set clear goals and plan how to achieve them are important leadership skills. If you cannot identify and communicate goals and plan how to achieve them, you will have difficulty fulfilling other leadership responsibilities.




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