Lakeview Book Club for September: Heartburn by Nora Ephron and Leaving Mother Lake by Yang Erche Namu

Cover of Heartburn by Nora Ephron

For September the Lakeview Book Club chose two titles featuring strong women from totally different backgrounds.

We will discuss Heartburn by Nora Ephron as well as Leaving Mother Lake by Yang Erche Namu.

Heartburn is a quickly read novel based on the contentious disillusion of the marriage of Nora Ephron, a well known writer and essayist, and her former husband Carl Berstein, of the famous Woodward and Bernstein investigative reporters who brought down Nixion in the '70s. Ms. Ephron's humor and truth about difficult relationships will keep the reader laughing and nodding in agreement over he pain and frustration of a relationship gone awry. The reader will also celebrate the survival of the main character who goes forward with strength and humor to her unknown future (which we all know has turned out well).

Leaving Mother Lake is a very short memoir, as told to an anthropologist who investigates a matrilineal society in the West Chinese mountains. This society is one where the women own all the property, live separately from men, in common with a household of related women, raising children. The men live in little nearby homes and are invited into sexual relationships wih the women by the women and are dismissed when the relationship wanes. The men deal with the outside world, yet have no say about the living arrangements.The leadership of the women's family groups is assigned by the lead woman. It does not pass to the next in line. Yang Erche Namu left this world as a teenager, became a famous singer and movie star and may still live in San Francisco. She is a product of her society and returns to visit. She has a good relationship with her family. She had to be very strong to take a different path and survive in the turbulently changing Chinese world.

Both these titles are short and very entertaining. These two titles are funny, fascinating and inspirational!






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