Author's Talk: From Broken Jar Mountain, Laos to San Francisco. A Lu Mien Woman's Journey.

In celebration of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Asian Branch Library and Wells Fargo Asian Connection - Bay Area, jointly present author visit and book talk - From Broken Jar Mountain, Laos to San Francisco. 

Before the Vietnam War irrevocably altered traditional culture, Ms. Chaylium Saechao was a child growing up in a remote highland minority village in northern Laos.  As a young child, her parents taught her the importance of perseverance, kindness, and hard work.  These values helped her cope with the trials and dislocations she would later encountered as a refugee in Laos, Thailand, and later in the United States.  Here she recounts the story of a closely-knit family who relied on one another for survival.  This memoir is dedicated to her children and grandchildren and to all of us interested in the story of a Lu Mien woman who bravely confronts many challenges in life.

Author's talk:  6:00-7:00pm

Author's Q&A session:  7:00-7:30pm


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