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Friday 9/20:

Motown Comes to Oakland: Henry Delton Williams' Wizard of Fashion

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in September 2019

There are so many great books arriving in September! Here are ten titles that will clog your to-read list.

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Cascada de Flores

Join us for a bilingual performance that includes traditional songs and music from Mexico and Central America with unforgettable storytelling for the whole family.

Cascada de Flores transforms the nostalgic song and traditions of Mexico and its neighbors into simple and beautiful arrangements that allow space for both improvisation and pure expression.

Come celebrate Latinx Cultural Heritage with musical stories for children and their families:

  • Tuesday, September 24  -  Brookfield Branch @ 1:30pm
  • Saturday, September 28 - Golden Gate Branch @ 10:30am 
  • Saturday, September 28 -  Lakeview Branch @ 2:00pm 

The duo will also be peforming later this fall:

  • Wednesday, October 23 -  West Branch @ 10:00am 

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International Peace Month

Books for moving towards personal, interpersonal and collective peace.

August is International Peace Month.

Founded on August 16, 1926 when delegates at the Fifth International Democratic Peace Conference gathered on France's former battlefields, the goal of the first Peace Month was to study international peace work to better understand the mistakes made during the war. As a believer that peace begins with ourselves and develops through our relationships with each other, I've gathered together some titles that focus on moving toward peace personally, interpersonally and collectively.   

To learn more about these books, click the links below. Happy reading!

Nonviolent Communication     Collaborating with the Enemy

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Online Learning for Kids

Children who use the library perform better in school and are more likely to continue to use the library for lifelong learning.

One might say your library card is the most valuable card in your wallet. For the price of FREE, you get access to books, movies, music and numerous learning resources.  Check them out:

Online encyclopedia and research resources 

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Back to School? These Resources Can Help

Oakland youth go back to school next week, so the Oakland Public Library’s E-Resources Committee would like to share a couple of online resources available to OPL cardholders that can help with learning!

Oakland youth go back to school next week, so the Oakland Public Library’s E-Resources Committee would like to share a couple of online resources available to OPL cardholders that can help with learning! 

To access these and other online resources go to Oakland Public Library's Online Research and Learning page.

For K-8 Students…

World Book Kids: Provides thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia for increased comprehension.

World Book Student: Packed with such research tools as Citation Builder, How to Do Research, Compare Places, Interactive Maps, and the World Book Atlas to help students get the most out of their research

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Learning from the Process of Art

Relax about artistic mistakes – there’s nothing wrong with them! Your child does not learn by creating a Pinterest-perfect replica of the teacher’s example.

Gone are the days when every student in the art class had to produce an identical still life. But sometimes a kid will melt down when faced with a new artistic challenge because "mine doesn't look like yours". It doesn't need to look just like anyone else's, though. That’s not how kids learn! And it’s certainly not how they have fun.

group of kids working with art supplies group of kids working with art supplies

Many educators and caregivers encourage children in what we call “process art” – where the process of making something is more important than the end result. That’s a valuable perspective at any age – but especially with preschool ages because of its importance for a developing brain and body

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in August 2019

The summer isn't over yet, so here's another round of hot books, August edition.

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Summer Cooking

It's summer and the cooking is easy!

Looking for new recipes for the fruits and vegetables harvested from your garden? Or maybe you're looking for creative dishes to make while camping out or tips on making your own ice cream. Look no further! These books will feed your creative spirit (and your appetite).

The Vegetable Gardener's CookbookThe Campout CookbookVegan Barbeque

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AAMLO Seed Lending Library Expansion

Veda Silva, Museum Project Coordinator, introduces you to the new and improved Seed Lending Library at AAMLO

Recently the African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO) rededicated the space allowed for its new and improved seed library. This idea of seed sharing and back to the earth ideas evoke images of 60s flower children and forest communes. For those of us older than fifty who among us cannot remember a visit to grandma’s and the unbelievably delicious foods she cooked with vegetables and fruits from her prized garden. Oh my!

Today, nostalgia has been replaced by practicality when it comes to access to fresh fruits and vegetables, especially people who live in inner city neighborhoods that often do not have grocery stores that stock healthy foods. Add to that the spectre of untested genetically modified vegetables that are at this moment in the produce section of your favorite market.

Many of us are unaware that multinational corporations have tried to copyright or otherwise gain legal ownership of

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