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Have you seen the gardening containers in the front of the Main Library's Children's Room? This summer we have a special series of gardening programs for children on Thursdays. Acta Non Verba; Youth Urban Farm Project is teaching us about soil, seeds, bugs and more. 

In addition to the programming, we also have a new shelf full of gardening books for children. Come to the Main Library Children's Room to both garden and learn about gardening. 

Programs are mostly on Thursdays at 3:00. This week the program will be today (Tuesday) at 3:00. The topic is Weed or Plant? How are weeds and plants different? 

Look at some of the activities! You too could be part of the fun. Come on by!


Aww! I missed it today. I did

Aww! I missed it today. I did not know it's today instead of coming Thursday because of July 4 holiday. But I will be there next Thursday for Sure!

The seed I brought from the program has grown now. It has two leaves. It took 12 days to sprout! So... long waiting! I am so happy that it finally grew.

I am writing about it in my coming blog post. You can visit it in a couple of days. The address is

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