With your Oakland Public Library card, you can request any LINK+ book that isn't available from OPL.

Guess how many books you have access to at OPL. Go ahead, guess. A million? 5 million? Go....higher. Yes, we do have over a million print titles in our collection and, with a service known as LINK+, an extension of our Interlibrary Loan service, you can choose from over 11 million print titles from participating public and academic libraries in the area.

Like Manga?  Link+ has 10,000 listings

Need textbooks?  Link+ has thousands

Can’t get enough English medieval history?  Link+ has 18 items on Ethelred the Unready

Don't want to wait for the hottest bestseller?  According to Rick Shattuc, King of all things Link+ at OPL, if it’s on the shelf at any one of 56 library systems with hundreds of branches, you can get it in days

Let’s see how it works by walking through a real search. I received a request from a patron a while back for a book he definitely needed to have ASAP:

Thanks to this conscientious dad-to-be we now have it in our catalog, but I was cognizant that time was of the essence and he didn’t have weeks to wait for this book to arrive at OPL, so I directed him to LINK+. I said:

"You can request a book from other Bay Area Libraries by entering your search in our catalog, then clicking on the LINK+ link in the upper right hand corner.

From here you should be able to request a copy using your library barcode and pin number (library staff can also help with this if you run into a snag), and the book will be delivered to your home branch."

I like to think I played some small part in helping prepare him for the CRAZY journey into fatherhood.

So, that’s it.  And it’s free!  Requested items *usually* arrive in about a week.  Just click the LINK+ link above your catalog search or ask a librarian. Note: DVDs and Audiobooks are not included in OPL’s LINK+ service.

More information here.  Questions? Call the Link+ office at (510) 238-2124.




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