Seeking summer mysteries? Try Judith Flanders.

Want to try a great mystery series this summer? Read on.

I picked up this series because I liked the titles and I like the covers, they look like fun times. I listened to the audiobooks while doing some summer gardening which, honestly, is laborious, I know some people say that it's relaxing, but I'm just not buying it. The series was a great distraction.  The author, Judith Flanders, besides writing contemporary mysteries also has a fascination with Victorians and murder
Samantha (Sam) Clair is a book editor in London, her focus is women's fiction, which is unsexy in the book world, but lucrative for her firm. In both novels, Sam stumbles into a murder plot and into the arms of a handsome detective. In A Murder of Magpies, Sam's favorite author turns in a manuscript which reveals that the recent death of a worldly and scandal-plagued fashion icon may not have been accidental. After the courier who was tasked with delivering the manuscript turns up dead, Sam learns that someone will stop at nothing to keep that book from being published. 
In A Bed of Scorpions, the body of Sam's art-dealer friend is found, gun-in-hand, in his gallery. Only Sam's eye for detail and encyclopedic knowledge of books can crack this case. 
Sam is quick-witted, cynical and is constantly being upstaged by her popular and glamorous mother. The books are funny and fast-paced and have complex (but not annoying) plots. Flanders' upcoming book A Cast of Vultures won't be released until February 2017, I can't wait. 
I started reading the series after I completed Robert Galbraith a.k.a. JK Rowling's Cormoran Strike series. Both series are set in England, have similar pacing and plot twists. Speaking of Ms. Rowling, did you know that the latest Harry Potter installments: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (parts one and two) are in the form of a play? The script is being released this Sunday, July 31st? By the by, if you happen to come across tickets the play London please send them my way, I've been trying to get some for months.
What are some of your favorite summer mysteries?


Thank you for this rec,

Thank you for this rec, Jenera, as I'm DYING for the next installment in the Cormoran Strike series (#3 ended with such a cliffhanger, and the wait is torturous!). P.S. Who says gardening is relaxing?

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